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Established in April 2016, Anonymous for the Voiceless is an animal rights organisation that specialises in street activism.

Vkind partner with Anonymous for the Voiceless for our regular Cube of Truth events raising awareness about the ‘meat’, dairy and egg industries. We show people what happens to individuals in the Animal agriculture industry using video footage from the UK documentary Land of Hope and Glory.

What does the Cube of Truth involve?AV Cube of Truth Photos by Sean Allen -1

The Cube of Truth is a peaceful static demonstration akin to an art performance. This demonstration operates in a structured manner that triggers curiosity and interest from the public; we attempt to lead bystanders to a vegan conclusion through a combination of local standard-practice animal exploitation footage and conversations with a value-based sales approach.

There are two roles within a cube of truth which involves a number of activists standing in the cube holding laptops (showing the video footage) or holding truth signs, and activists on outreach engaging with the public. Both are equally important roles.

Why the masks?AV Cube of Truth Photos by Sean Allen -2

The masks in the cube are symbolic, representing the thousands of anonymous people who are standing against the violence and oppression of non-human animals in factory farming.

The masks are a fantastic aesthetic spectacle. People come over to see what’s going on, they then watch and engage with the footage. They also make it more comfortable for the public to stay and watch the videos for longer periods of time in a non judgemental way.

Interested in volunteering?

Cube of Truth’s are great if you have never done vegan advocacy before, you can stand within the cube, and watch and learn what goes on.

Masks, signs, and outreach literature are provided. Black upper clothing appropriate for the weather is essential, and please bring a fully charged laptop or tablet if you have one.

Join the AV Belfast Facebook group for updates.