Who and what are Vkind?

We, as a group, believe in POSITIVE VEGAN ADVOCACY.
All of the cruelty in the animal industry, all of the suffering, all of the killing, only happens because people demand the products–and indeed they will continue to happen for as long as people demand it.

Slaughterhouses, butchers and livestock farmers only exist because they fulfil the demand for animal flesh and all the things we steal from them. It’s simply profitable exploitation based on supply and demand.

VKind believe that vegan education is key. We believe that vegans must tackle this issue at source: the demand. We must get non-vegans to join the dots and realise that when they buy these products that they are supporting animal exploitation, killing and violence.

What do we do?

We advocate to non-vegans, most of whom already agree that animal cruelty and exploitation is wrong. Once they make the connection we encourage them, advise them and help them to make the change.

It may seem weird or difficult to go out there on the street and we appreciate that–but we believe that vegan education is absolutely critical!

We must all learn the answers to all the ethical, moral and diet-based questions that non-vegans have and deliver them in a clear, educated and passionate way.
If we do this beyond our immediate circle then we will increase the exponential growth in veganism that we can all already see.

What are our aims?

Our hope is to inspire people to get involved in non-violent vegan advocacy, our long term goal is to have a vegan outreach/information table in every major town in Ireland and our mission is a completely vegan Ireland.